Beach work outI hate not seeing results. Now, let’s be honest. The vast majority of us work our asses of in the gym because we want to look a certain way. There is nothing wrong with that, at least not in my less than humble opinion.

I do not have the discipline (or the desire, but mostly discipline) to dramatically cut/add certain foods to my meal planning┬árepertoire. I just don’t. End of discussion. I am also very aware that I am NOT going to trim down as fast or as well as other fitties rubbing their well tanned and oiled perfect little bodies in my face (dramatic much?) SO! I choose to gauge my progress differently as I slowly and meticulously add and omit things from my diet and training regimen.

Like a lot of women I carry the vast majority of my weight in my waist and also the back of my arms. First to grow, last to go. I do not “like” it, but I do not have to like something to know that it is true. So to get around (no pun intended) negative thoughts and pessimistic feelings I decided that I am just not going to look at my waist.


Yes. Seriously. How? I take the leaner parts of my body, which just so happen to be my favorite and I congratulate and praise the progress that I have made in those areas. As we all know you cannot spot check body fat, BUT with a balanced training plan I KNOW that I am not neglecting anything. So it stands to reason if I am making gains everywhere else, EVENTUALLY my waist will trim. It just takes time. So in the interim, I avoid taking pictures like the above, LMAO! I prefer more flattering pictures to look at. They make me feel pretty. Who doesn’t want to feel pretty? C’mon fellas! You know you do ­čśë

424995_10152899844350204_500814890_nI definitely look better from the back!

Moral of the story, change your perspective. Sometimes happiness can be found from a different view