It is perhaps the most common amongst goal setting, ‘wait until the start of a new month’. After that it is, ‘wait for a Monday’. What’s wrong with this mind set you ask? What if I said “Hey, don’t start living it up until the first, man!” Or “Psh, I only buy my significant other “stuff” on federally recognized holidays!”

Uhm. No. See, here’s the thing as my both of my toddlers have shown me, being patient is never easy. If you factor in that it takes roughly 2-4 weeks for one to notice positive gains in their own body and about 12 weeks for ones friends and family to see what you see, why wait? Hell why aren’t you jumping in with both feet and whistling dixie while you do it?

Bottom line, why prolong your own happiness? Get started when you feel ready, willing and MOTIVATED, who cares what day that falls on.

Go in Victory, Stay DIESEL my friends,


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