Even the most successful of us get caught in a slum. We all want that “magic pill” or meal replacement to give us those highly coveted six pack abs. Well, there isn’t one. So, go do some sprints and hill climbs and get over it…
In the mean time, when was the last time you took some “me time” away from the home or office? Recently I decided to take a Saturday to myself and try something a little unorthodox(for me anyway) I went and got a fresh new hair cut, new pedicure and cut nail art, and decided to jump WAY outside of the box and even got some eyelash extensions. WHOA! Do I feel good about myself! I don’t know what it is exactly about feeling pretty that makes me want to slam iron and break a sweat, but I do know for sure that I am ready to get back into it!
For many of my readers this maybe nothing new for them but for me it was definitely some NOS in my engine to get things pumping (pun intended). For the rest of the DIESEL nation I leave you with this…
There comes a time when negotiating an obstacle that knocking it down is not an option. Instead, take a step back and run faster, don’t worry you can hit it harder, just joking…
Take a step back and re-evaluate your tactic. A new strategy is sure to overcome your challenge. Try something new, buy a new outfit, some new kicks or get some eyelash extensions…

Motivation is paramount and it can be found just about anywhere.

Go in Victory, Stay DIESEL my friends,

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